Alzheimer’s the Musical

Navigating the Comedy and Tragedy of Alzheimer’s Disease

The Seas with Nemo and Friends at Epcot from our most recent visit. The fact that the starfish is purple, which is The Alzheimer’s Association‘s color, and the fact that it makes me think of Dori, who has no short-term memory, made it seem appropriate. It also is a great musical (in Animal Kingdom).

Last year, my sister and I became caretakers of our mother who was diagnosed six years earlier (at age 66) with Alzheimer’s Disease. One day, as I was driving to see her in her latest care facility, I began singing a song about her. It was then that it came to me that caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease has all the makings of a Broadway musical*. So, for the sake of my continued sanity, and just in case someone who matters in the theater world happens upon this blog, here it is – Alzheimer’s the Musical!

*A web search did bring up a show that appears to have taken place in Australia with the same title.

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