Why Alzheimer’s the Musical?

I have been thinking up blog posts in the car over the past year as I am either going or leaving my mom. Random thoughts, mostly. However, a woman in the Alzheimer’s Association support group that I have been attending for the last six years or so pointed out how important it is to find humor in our situations. This has made me really look for and appreciate the humor that comes along with the sadness of this disease. I hope to be able to capture that here so that are others who are out there going through this can find something to relate to and, hopefully, something to laugh about.

My other inspiration was one of my daughter’s teen novels where a girl took the plunge into blogging. Though of course it was not a totally smooth ride, being a teen novel, in the end she surpassed her wildest expectations. I am not a public person, so for me this is definitely beyond my comfort level. I am riding on the protagonist’s shirt-tails and creating a new reality out of fiction.

I am definitely the tofu (being vegetarian) between the bread of the sandwich generation as I take care of my mom, along with my sister, and take care of my teenage daughter. I am a library media specialist who spent the last year working with babies because that is what I needed to do. The parallels between these populations are remarkable!

2 thoughts on “Why Alzheimer’s the Musical?

  1. Love, love love that you’re doing this! Thank you so much for sharing your stories, you’ll find it definitely helps. Hope to see you sometime soon. – Carmen


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