Caregiver Chaos

This is how I sometimes feel when trying to keep all of the caregivers straight!

Imagine a scene of the musical where the daughter caregiver goes to visit her mom and caregiver chaos ensues. A big musical number begins with the daughter expressing her total confusion because the nursing staff has let her know that the OT and PT are coming, but it is the same time as the psychologist, and then the massage therapist shows up unexpectedly, and all the caregivers are expressing their frustration (in harmony, of course) as the mom is not even there because she actually got up early that day and went on the bus ride!

This scenario is not far from the reality of my life right now. We just closed out a behavioral nurse only to find out that the doctor had ordered occupational therapy and physical therapy from the same home health group. This is after the speech pathologist came to do an evaluation. We signed her up with a mental health professional and got in a massage therapist at the suggestion of the doctor. These are mostly visit weekly, in addition to the nurse or doctor and the daily caregivers. That is a lot of caregiver visits! And, I was just informed that none of these people should come certain days at certain times because that is when outings or activities occur! Thankfully, my mom is now participating in things, so that is a good problem to have.

With these many caregivers, I cannot be too hard on myself for the recent confusion I had when I received a phone call to evaluate a caregiver. I was told the name of the company, but there have been so many companies that I didn’t really pay attention. I figured since we had just released a caregiver, it must be an evaluation of her. We went through 15 minutes of questions and answers. Suddenly, I got a strange feeling, mostly because of the types of questions, that I was evaluating the wrong person. I asked when we had last used this person and was told back in May. Well, that was an entirely different caregiver at an entirely different place. That was a companion we had brought in for my mom, which was pretty much a disaster. I told the person doing the evaluation that I made a mistake and asked if we could start over because I had totally different answers. I actually had to hang up and have her call me again to start the whole thing over!

It is good that my mom has a team of people there to support her and help her in many different ways. It is good that so many different specialists are available. It is great that she is participating in activities. I just have to get better at keeping track of it all!

(I am imagining the caregiver actors and the daughter all collapsing from exhaustion at the end of the song and the mother coming in from her outing looking at everyone lying on the floor as if they are crazy!)

2 thoughts on “Caregiver Chaos

  1. Hi  Michelle – yes, what a 3 ring circus indeed. Thankfully it is all for good purpose!

    By-the-way, I find it very hard to post on the website itself.

    Love – 

    Cousin Ricky


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