About Me

Hi, I am Michelle Epstein and I, along with my sister, am a caretaker of my mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. I have a husband and a teen-age daughter and am trying to balance it all. Having this blog helps me process what is going on with my mother as well as frame some of the elements of Alzheimer’s that are more universal. So much of how the disease manifests is individual, but there are some common themes. I have been attending an Alzheimer’s Association support group specifically for child care-givers for about six years. It is a great group and a wonderful place to process all of this as well.

Maybe one day, these and other people’s stories will help to create a show that appears on Broadway. It has all the makings for a musical (and has already been made into some smaller musicals) and with the numbers of people with dementia beginning to soar, there will be a great audience of people who are touched by this!

Contact me at mzsafter@gmail.com.